Despite Covid, There is Life Through Spring

Sprouting seedlings of nectar and pollinator plants.

Efforts are paying off. Marigold, salvia and basil seedlings have emerged and are thriving. I am staggering potting seeds so that there are diverse plants that can provide nectar ongoing. I sewed butterfly plant seeds two weekends ago directly outside per the instructions on the seed envelope. These seedlings have about another two weeks before they are planted into the ground outside. I have been moving them outside directly into the sun for the day (when there has been sun). This has warmed the soil, and the direct sunlight for 8 hours has encouraged faster growth. Earlier, I placed the seedling trays on a heating pad as well.

With the ongoing rain, there has been more and more wildflowers. Two different butterfly species (a whitish blue and orange and black – both small) in larger numbers have been enjoying the flowers. The salvia I planted last year came back and is in bloom. My rain water tanks are at full capacity – 7,500 gallons.

One milkweed plant – North Plot

Finally, one milkweed plant did come back! This one is located in the North Plot. So far, I’ve not see any others in either plot. I will consult with Ron about how best to protect this little one. It may not be best to dig up and replant. Onward…!

3 thoughts on “Despite Covid, There is Life Through Spring”

  1. Love, Love! Heather, i wonder if there is something you can plant that the gophers would be “allowed” to eat- so that they don’t go after the milkweed?


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