Learning Lessons. Making Progress.

Aster protected by stainless steel mesh

The hot summer months will be a time for maintenance and capturing observational data. I do still have to put in the electric fence before the cattle are back – but I am dragging my feet a bit on that.

Some learnings:

  1. The stainless steel mesh bags work for subterranean creatures. The photo above shows an aster plant being protected from a burrowing creature really well.
  2. Some creature is still snipping off the tops of some plants. We lost a showy milkweed in the planter box and the top of the sulfur buckwheat. There is a chance that the roots established. Maybe it will come back like the milkweed in the test plots.
  3. The cow pots did not work to grow some vegetables and the marigolds. I still need to do more research on this. Perhaps the cow poop is too hot for the roots of the fledgling plants.
Marigold seedlings beginning to look yellowed and sad

I will likely get plugs from a reputable nursery company for next year. I’ve had good luck with those in the past for starting veggies. We will see how it works on native plants.

I spent the morning re-potting the marigolds. I also started the sunflower seed heads I harvested last year. This should be about the time they need to start since those bushes began to flower in September/October.

Marigolds re-potted

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